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At B Capital Group we believe innovation has no border. We find and back the world’s most promising startups from founding through IPO.

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Early Stage

We invest in people with a relentless spirit and revolutionary vision. B Capital Group backs founders at the beginning of their journey and builds with them along the way. Our Ascent Team searches for exceptional teams and technologies that have the potential to mature into global companies and transform established industries. We understand the unique challenges early-stage founders face, and support them from inception to early product development.

Stage: Seed through Venture

Geography: Global

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Growth Stage

We build transformative partnerships with exceptional leaders. B Capital Group helps growth-stage startups reinvent their industries and evolve into exceptional companies. We utilize our industry expertise to provide founding teams with the hands-on support they need to scale rapidly and expand into new markets. The journey to IPO is full of innovation and opportunities, and we’re with you every step of the way.

Stage: Venture Growth through Growth

Geography: Global

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