Our Focus

Lifecyle support with a focus on transformative technology

Our strategy is anchored in providing value-added support to entrepreneurs at all stages of business-building, focusing on innovators disrupting fast-evolving global sectors.

Through our in-house team and with access to the global management consulting leader BCG – our strategic partner – you’ll connect with the resources, people and expertise you need to overcome your biggest challenges.


Our approach to investment is designed to support your company’s unique needs throughout the journey from seed to exit.

Early stage

Early-stage founders face unique challenges, and we’re here to help you through them. Our Ascent Team searches worldwide for ideas, people and technologies with the potential to mature into global, game-changing companies.

Growth stage

For Growth stage teams, we provide you with the industry expertise and hands-on support you need to scale fast and expand into new markets.

Deep sector

We focus on extraordinary companies advancing technology in critical sectors of change.


Both new technologies and the novel application of existing technologies are rapidly transforming the foundational industries of the global economy. We invest in three critical technology sectors that are fundamentally reshaping the way the world works:

  • Enterprise
  • FinTech
  • Climate Tech


Rapid advances in technology, life sciences and businesses processes are upending the way people access, delivery and develop healthcare solutions. We invest in category-defining businesses across the spectrum of healthcare:

  • Healthcare IT & Saas
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Biotechnology & Bio-IT
  • Healthcare Insurance and Payment Model

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