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B Capital 2022 Growth Portfolio NPS Survey

July 5, 2023

B Capital received a 93% positive rating as a value-add partner from leaders at our portfolio companies.

Portfolio Companies View B Capital as a Sincere and Trusted Partner

Our goal at B Capital is to be the best possible advisor to our portfolio companies and their leadership teams. Whether it’s collaborating on major initiatives, offering domain expertise, or facilitating corporate introductions and partnerships, we are here to empower our companies around the globe and help them with their top priorities.

One of the key methods we use to validate our effectiveness as a partner is through a survey sent to leaders of growth-stage companies within our portfolio. The goal is to assess how we performed as a value-added investor and a collaborator on major initiatives. The core question in the survey was how likely is it that you would recommend B Capital as a value-adding investor? If you’re a founder, you’re more than familiar with this kind of question and the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Just as companies do with their customers, it is imperative that we understand what our NPS is with one of our key stakeholders and customers: our founders.

After reviewing the results of our last survey, we were excited by portfolio company feedback on our performance as collaborators and strategic partners. Of the respondents, our portcos gave us a 93% positive rating and a Net Promoter Score of 81. 

Below is a quick summary of the survey methodology and key findings:

Who We Surveyed 

Our Annual Growth Portfolio NPS Survey was administered to over 70 private company founders and leadership/CXOs at 36 B Capital portfolio companies around the globe. We focused specifically on companies that undertook a major initiative in 2022, such as launching a new product or expanding into a new category and received a 90% response rate. 

To give us a well-rounded dataset, we included companies from a broad distribution of geographies, industries, and growth stages.


2022 B Capital Growth Portfolio NPS Survey Demographics


To ensure that the results were unbiased, we leveraged an external agency to conduct, analyze and summarize the survey on our behalf, and the responses were anonymized and aggregated. 


Measuring How Founders & CXOs Rated B Capital

NPS is a widely recognized metric used to assess the satisfaction of customers and the quality of their experience. An NPS can be within the range of -100 to 100, with Bain & Co (the creators of the NPS) suggesting that scores indicate the following range of performance:1


Based on these guidelines we were pleased to find that responding founders and CXOs in our growth portfolio gave us an NPS score of 81 and a positive rating of 9.3 out of 10

The survey highlighted the impactful initiatives driven by our platform team in collaboration with our PortCo operating teams:

  1. Strategy & Operations – Engagements on GTM, pricing, new market entry, channel partnerships, planning
  2. Capital Advisory – Introductions, network and advisory around fundraising, deal strategies
  3. People & Org – Sourcing exec talent, advisory around comp benchmarking, CHRO roundtables 

Below is a sample of some of the feedback we received:


How We Use This Feedback

We have already started to use the feedback to continue refining our platform and service offerings, and to ensure we are the best possible partner to our portfolio companies. As our 2022 survey comes to a close, we thank all of our portfolio companies that participated in the survey and gave us feedback. And to all of the world-changing startups in our growing portfolio, thank you for continuing to partner with B Capital!

1. Source; Qualtrics;

This information is provided for reference only and you should not rely upon this information to form the definitive basis for any decision, contract, commitment or action. Much of the relevant information is derived directly from various sources which B Capital believes to be reliable, but without independent verification. Benchmark shown was selected in the sole discretion of B Capital. Inclusion of other benchmarks in this data may change the results (potentially materially so) and there can be no assurance any such trends or correlations will continue in the future. This information is provided for reference only as such information may not be representative of all benchmarks. Certain statements reflected herein reflect the subjective opinions and views of B Capital personnel. Such statements cannot be independently verified and are subject to change. Certain investments discussed herein are portfolio companies of B Capital; however, such investments do not represent all B Capital investments. It should not be assumed that any investments or companies identified and discussed herein were or will be profitable. Past performance is not indicative of future results. The materials herein do not constitute or form part of an offer to issue or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to subscribe or buy, any securities or other financial instruments, nor does it constitute a financial promotion, investment advice or an inducement or incitement to participate in any product, offering or investment.

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