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Meet the Partner: Arijit Sengupta

March 30, 2021

What do you focus on at B Capital?

I’m an Operating Partner at B Capital Group. I focus on actively engaging with our portfolio companies and driving fund ROI by helping our portfolio founders and management teams achieve better business outcomes. Our team is here to provide support by assisting them in growing and solving problems within the business. In turn, they can make better products faster, hire better people, raise more capital from high-quality investors and eventually become a market leader and aspire towards some form(s) of exit.

Our core mission is to be the most value-added investor for our portfolio companies. To that end, we help our portfolio companies achieve their growth objectives faster by developing focused and pragmatic GTM strategy, building excellent teams and architecting exceptional products. This framework allows us to engage with our portfolio companies and co-build beyond just funding a company. We learn more and get a little better every day, but as a former entrepreneur, I think we are building a hugely powerful value-add to aid in the success of our investee companies.

Another critical element to our role is helping B Capital Group stand out as a fantastic firm for entrepreneurs. We see to highlight the firm’s ability to partner with portfolio companies along their journey. My goal is to differentiate us within the market as a partner that is intensely founder-friendly and hugely focused on adding value after the investment.

What attracted you to working at B Capital?

I was inspired by the firm’s mission of backing entrepreneurs who build great companies while holding ourselves responsible for adding value in very tangible and impactful ways to our portfolio companies. I found myself excited about the firm’s ambition and incredible growth trajectory, and I found B Capital’s global approach and partnership with BCG unique. I’ve been an entrepreneur in different formats for the last 20 years, working primarily with global private equity firms in building companies, initially as a member of top management and thereafter as a founder and CEO. For this reason, B Capital’s ambitious mission and pace of execution were particularly exciting.

I joined B Capital because the firm allows me to have a broader canvas across portfolio companies and potentially a far more significant and comprehensive impact across a network of companies at greater speed given different levels of evolution of portfolio companies. As an entrepreneur, you can build something huge, and you have more control over the outcome, but I believe being part of the B Capital platform gives me the unique ability to create a wider impact on a larger scale, at greater speed.

If you weren’t in this career, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t doing what I’m doing right now, I would be an entrepreneur who’s knocking on the doors of firms like B Capital, asking for money and building something new. I’m particularly excited about innovation within the enterprise AI space and believe there are many disruptive models which are being created there.

Being an entrepreneur excites me because you’re far more in control of your actions and can build and scale a company at your own pace, subject of course to luck and the market! This control allows you to optimize stakeholder management, unlike a larger and more traditional corporation. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have the challenge of operating within the boundaries of a defined set of products and go to market, which may be in an already existing company. You’re able to build something that you believe addresses a core need and create your own solution to that problem. It’s an exciting process because the only constraint is your ability to execute, and of course, an enormous amount of luck.

If you were to become an investor in one of B Capital’s sector or sub-sector targets, which would you choose and why?

I’m most intrigued by enterprise AI, an area I had explored as an entrepreneur. I believe that it will fundamentally transform how the world operates today. Innovation in this space will create considerable changes in efficiency rates, ratios and consumer impact. I’m also fascinated by how other industries utilize AI insights to build their customer base, brand and scale their business.

What’s something many people may not know about you?

I like dabbling in the kitchen and am passionate about creative food executed with precision and flair. I’ve traveled the globe with my family and visited some fascinating restaurants across all continents, and I’ve even cooked for a few famous chefs. To celebrate this, I recently produced the pilot episode of an online only video series called “The Creators” where I have showcased an ex-banker who became one of Singapore’s most loved local Michelin starred chefs! I also love to travel with my family. I find that cooking and exploring new restaurants and places are excellent ways to spend time together.

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