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Podcast Ep. 1: Pricing tips for startups — What price is right?

July 21, 2020

This episode is the first in a three-part series dedicated to the topic of pricing and product expansion. Produced in partnership with The Boston Consulting Group, B Capital Group explores why startups often run into challenges when trying to price their offerings appropriately. How can startups approximate the cost-to-value of a product to its customers, and what common mistakes should be avoided in a pricing exercise when you’ve found product-market fit?

“Ideas Without Borders” is a podcast hosted by B Capital Group that is dedicated to exploring the world of fast-scaling, innovative startups that are reimagining established industries. In each episode, we interview experts, founders and entrepreneurs about the different opportunities and challenges commonly faced by companies in the critical “growth” period of their life cycles. Our goal is to unlock new insights and bold ideas to inform, aid and inspire the founders around the world who are building the next generation of transformative technologies.

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