Our Team

Eduardo Saverin

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

  • Function: Investment Team, Partner, Senior Leadership
  • Location: Southeast Asia - Singapore
  • Stage: Early Stage, Growth Stage

Eduardo Saverin is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of B Capital. Previously, he was the first investor in and Co-Founder of Facebook.

In under a decade, Eduardo and his leadership team have grown B Capital into a global firm with 8 locations, 100+ employees and over $6.5B+ in assets under management.

Today, he focuses on investing in the next wave of technological innovation. As an investor and mentor, he has advised and worked closely with an array of companies of all sizes and stages that share a common thread: a passion for people-centric innovation with pan-global ambitions that leverage technology.

Mr. Saverin earned a BA from Harvard University with cum laude honors. He is based in Singapore.

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