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Welcoming Gabe Greenbaum to B Capital Group

December 3, 2020

At B Capital Group, we believe innovation can come from anywhere, and we seek out entrepreneurs who are building incredible companies outside of traditional innovation hubs like Silicon Valley. One of the most important elements of our success is the collective reach of our team’s relationships in emerging technology communities, both in the U.S. and abroad, and our willingness to travel far and wide in order to sit down and chat with a founder over a cup of coffee. The diverse and far-reaching backgrounds that make up the B Capital team allow us to find the most compelling emerging solutions, no matter where they may be.

Another important differentiator of our firm is our commitment to creating a bridge between the established industries that make up the backbone of the global economy, and the startups developing cutting-edge solutions that help companies in these industries digitize and innovate. We take pride in identifying and partnering with startups that are addressing these complex and evolving challenges.

These are just a few reasons I’m pleased to share that Gabe Greenbaum has joined B Capital Group as a General Partner, based in our Los Angeles office. Our Chairman Howard Morgan and I have known Gabe personally for over five years and have seen firsthand the deep domain expertise and broad network he brings to startups and founders. Gabe is a highly regarded investor with experience in Chicago, New York and San Francisco as well as Los Angeles, where he has become an integral part of the Southern California tech ecosystem. His relationships in Southern California and Midwestern markets will be instrumental in helping B Capital Group continue to find incredible founders in emerging tech hubs.

Gabe joins us from Pritzker Group Venture Capital, where he spent over eight years building out the investing team, the brand, and making investments in the Internet of Things, Property Tech, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and other leading-edge technologies. His track record includes backing best-in-class founding teams and companies positioned for rapid growth, including Cue Health, Augury, Extend, Amount Financial, Spring Labs, Openpath, and Catalytic. He also brings an extensive network of corporate c-suite relationships and can provide exceptional connectivity for our portfolio of startups.

Gabe is going to be instrumental in helping us expand our engagement with earlier stage startups. While B Capital Group primarily writes checks into Series B to D funding rounds as a lead investor, we want to ensure that we have strong connectivity with the companies that will soon enter growth stage. Gabe will help us explore the unique needs of the next wave of global tech leaders, building a formal process to track and support the early-stage startup landscape.

With Gabe, we plan to become closer to the companies that are designing solutions for the emerging challenges that established industries will face in the coming decade and beyond. Whether it’s helping compelling B2B companies understand their addressable market and customer needs earlier in their growth cycle or writing smaller exploratory checks into concepts we’re excited about, Gabe will connect B Capital into this important startup community.

Gabe is an exceptional leader and investor, and someone I’ve been proud to consider a peer and friend. He is a recognized team player who is also deeply engaged with his community, including work with organizations like the Mayor’s Tech Council and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and as a mentor to entrepreneurship programs at USC and Northwestern University. I’m looking forward to Gabe’s help expanding our work with the innovation programs at major universities to reach up-and-coming founders.

For all of us in Venture Capital, 2020 has been an unusual year. Many of our rituals of investing at B Capital, such as hopping on planes to new regions and cities to meet founders over cups of coffee, have disappeared overnight. But we do know that the challenges of this strange time will also inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in markets like Los Angeles, Chicago, Bangalore, Jakarta and beyond to develop cutting-edge solutions. With the help and reach of leaders like Gabe, we’re excited to keep seeking them out — virtually for now and, one day soon, over a cup of coffee.

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