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What a startup CEO needs to do to make it to 2021

April 28, 2020

“What our most successful CEOs do better than anyone else has nothing to do with technical skill or past experience.”

It’s been 100 days since the global COVID-19 breakout

“Businesses that survive recessions sharpen, rather than simply cut.”

Contribution margin. For many businesses, revenue will take a hit in the next three to six months and the first cost bucket to get cut in the process is usually marketing. Businesses that survive recessions sharpen, rather than simply cut. For example, how effectively do you acquire users and retarget those that know about you but haven’t made a purchase? It’s common to hear, “I’ve reduced my marketing spend by 30% and its hasn’t really materially impacted the number of downloads/overall sales.”


“New partners may be looking for you, so position yourself to be noticed.”

Being a start-up CEO is challenging at the best of times. But this new COVID-19 reality presents a huge opportunity to learn and grow. While you need to secure your cash position, the best leaders are focused on being better leaders and thinking through how their business becomes a key player in a COVID shaped future.

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